The Effects Of The Lithotomy Position On The Lower Legs

There have been studies instituted to determine the effects of the Lithotomy position on the lower limbs. Letís look at how the patient is positioned during a lithotomy position. His legs are raised over the hip level, above the head and his legs are put into stirrups. This gives the doctor a clear view of the affected area so he can either examine or carry out any surgical procedure that is necessary.

What some of the reports that have come in after certain studies were done state is that thanks to the device which positions a patient in this manner, the pressure on the part of the legs that were strung up was immense. There were trials to see if changing the devices had any effect. In one study, there were three devices that were tested. The study said that the calves and the knee should be well supported. There was a great deal riding on the kind of device and the kind of support used. While there were marginal differences, the overall findings seemed to be saying that lithotomy positions were bad for patients. The reduced blood supply essentially is what could cause problems when it came to childbirth. Other complications were instances of hypothermia and sciatica as well as deep vein thrombosis.

The position itself was not conducive to comfort either. It was also a source of acute embarrassment to any patient when he was conscious. When under the effect of anesthesia, it really does not matter from the point of view of how the patient would feel but when a person isnít, he needs to feel he is being treated with dignity. In this position, he knows the doctor can see while he canít. That together with the unnatural position is what makes him embarrassed and vulnerable.