What Women Think About The Lithotomy Position

For a woman, chances are the only time she will be put in a lithotomy position is during her pregnancy. This could be for examination if there are complications or during birth. This position is also resorted to for the termination of pregnancies. When the birth of a baby is two-fold emotion – the joy of seeing your child for the first time couples with the pain that it brings – the last thing a woman wants is to be strung up in an embarrassing position, with maybe the prospect to complications as well.

For a woman, being in a position like this is a bit awkward. She is exposed to the doctor while she cannot see. So while the focus is on the birth, she feels rather left out as she hangs there, pushing for all she is worth. Worse, it takes longer ands it is much harder because she is pushing in the opposite direction from gravity. That’s when, if she was smart, she would ask herself why, oh why they didn’t get a woman to device a birthing position. Men just have no idea what a woman is going through. This position might have been fine in the days of old when it came to removing stones from the gallbladder or the kidney or even for some pelvic examinations but it certainly is not what should be followed for childbirth, never mind what the doctor ordered.

It is one of the most uncomfortable positions going for the patient. The legs are raised above the hip level so circulation is decreased. This could just end up spelling complications for the mother and child during the birth. It also means that there could be damage to the lower back. When nature assists childbirth by using the force of gravity, birth becomes so much easier as a process. When a woman is going through one of the most awaited events of her life, she wants to welcome it with pride – not go through the ignominy of having her legs in stirrups and hung up like a lump of flesh.