Why The Lithotomy Position Is The Most Common For Childbirth

In the US, the lithotomy position is the one that is generally used in childbirth. For the doctor attending on the mother, this position is ideal in every way. It affords his a view of the birth canal and should there be any problem, he can catch it at once. It is also a good position for examination so most doctors are very happy with this being the preferred position.

Letís take a look at what this position is all about. The patient has to be on her back, her legs are raised up over the level of her hips, spread apart and the feet are put into stirrups. The mother to be can move around a bit as she is in the throes of labor so this position helps. However, what seems to be emerging is the fact that other advanced countries have given up this position for its other disadvantages while the US still persists in continuing it. In fact, there have been experts who have termed this position barbaric.

Why is the lithotomy position suddenly facing a backlash? After having done studies on birthing positions all over the world, experts observed that the natural way to have a baby was to go with the flow of gravity. All the people close to nature seemed to be doing that. The lithotomy position was totally contrary to this. In this position, the woman had to push more because it went against gravity. The position also interfered with the blood circulation and there was less blood in the abdomen area when it was needed. This could cause problems for both the mother and the baby.

They classified this position as a more active process where effort was needed as opposed to the more passive positions which worked together with gravity. With such scientific and medical evidence to back it up, one would have thought that the lithotomy position would have faded into non-existence in the US but sadly it has not. Instead of easing the pain of delivery, it might just be compounding it with complications.